SEO Checklist for new website or blog

By | May 23, 2018

SEO checklist for new website or blog

  • Create an account for google search console (webmaster) and google analytics.
  • Sitemap: Create sitemap.xml and update robots.txt with full sitemap URL.
  • Breadcrumbs on the website
  • Need to create non filtered listing pages. When you search, it will be a query page, which will be a filtered page but you can convert this URL to a static URL.
  • Implement infinite scroll on mobile
  • Implement infinite scroll + pagination on desktop
  • Event tracking: Add to cart etc – need to have unique names in the back end.
  • Internal site searched should be tracked in GA.
  • Knowledge graph on google – add a JasonLD code on the HP.
  • For category pages: schema for price.
  • Cannonical Tags: On all 30-40 designer pages + on all 15-20 category pages, we need to add this tag pointing to itself.
  • Have image alt attributes for images – Content on images – keep it in the alt attribute so that it gets crawled.
  • Custom 404 Pages: Have the “Go back to homepage” button on the first scroll.
  • Ensure that there are hierarchical folder like URLs.
  • PDP page – Flat URL – Done (Only the product name)
  • Ensure that the top navigation / mega menu is crawl-able
  • Design perspective: Responsive website ( needs to be like an app feel).
  • Create a sectional Sitemap that has sections for categories, images, brands, etc.
  • HTML sitemap also needs to be created.
  • Schema micro data markup: code that you put on a particular product page. (The code will be there in the HTML code)
  • All redirects should be 301 redirects

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