Future Jobs

Will technology kill jobs and aggravate inequality, or bring in more significant work and healthier societies? This question has worried humankind ever since technological advancement took over certain manual jobs. The services of a clock keeper, film projectionist, switchboard operator, etc., were no longer required once we developed better technology. Digital cameras and mobile phones changed photography and the way we click photos. To stay resourceful, photographers had no option but to embrace the new technology. At one point, nobody could have thought that these interesting jobs would not make it to a list of top future jobs and would be redundant in the future. However, we have come a long way since then and learned from our experiences. Our past has taught us that there could be a world in the future where the human resources function vanishes and gets replaced by automation, outsourcing, and self-organizing teams. A world in which top talent is fought over so fiercely that the most skilful workers hire personal agents to manage their careers isn’t hard to imagine. The idea is to stay prepared for that future.